This web site was developed mainly for non-Catholic Christians, but is also for Catholics who want to explain their faith to Protestants and non-Christians. Most often, this “defense” is against “Bible” Christians and Fundamentalist Christians. Since the majority of non-Catholic Christians incorrectly believe the Holy Bible is the sole or final authority for Christian beliefs (Sola Scriptura), this web site will explain Catholic beliefs in reference to the Holy Bible.

In addition, the doctrine of the Catholic Church is explained by what is NOT stated in the Bible and what is just plain God-given “common sense.” In addition, quotes from the “Catechism of the Catholic Church,” “The Early Church Fathers” and “The Doctors of the Church” are cited as theologians and past saints can explain it better than myself.

This web site will help you learn and prove that there is a Biblical basis in even the most controversial issues that Christ’s Church has taken a stand on.

I am not a theologian or a priest. I do not even have a Bachelor’s Degree in any field. However, I do have an Associate’s Degree in History. I have studied Church history and I am a person who strongly believes in the unity of Christianity as a whole and the Holy Catholic Church. Also, I am gravely concerned with the current “immoral” trends of both Protestants and Catholics alike.

The Catholic Church holds true to Christ’s teachings. Several non-Catholic Christian denominations do not, especially “liberal” ones, when confronted with today’s anti-Christian, popular social trends (abortion, homosexuality, pre-marital sex, etc.) Of course, I am a sinner myself and do not want to be deemed as hypocritical by creating a Catholic-Christian web page. However, I’ll let the person who has never sinned cast the first stone.