The Art of Recycling

Panama City recycling facility
What is the point of recycling?

360 kilos of waste: that’s what a Floridian person produces every year!

For a family of 4 in Panama City, that’s a 24-liter garbage bag per day, or almost 1.5 tons of waste per year! Thanks to selective sorting, part of it can be recycled (cardboard, paper, glass, green waste, etc.) but those that remain (household waste) pose serious problems for the environment.

Waste Reduction Week was thus created in 2006 to make the French understand that the best waste is… that which is not produced. The objective is that set by the Grenelle de l’Environnement: a reduction of 5 kilos per year and per inhabitant for 4 years! There are thus plenty of small, simple actions to reduce our waste: by putting a “stop pub” sticker on their letterbox, a family can avoid wasting up to 35 kilos of paper in a year!

In one year, humans produce 2 billion tonnes of waste. And that number keeps increasing! Fortunately, more and more countries are recycling… and so are you!

But what is it for exactly? And how is this recycling going?

Globally, 2 billion tonnes of waste are produced each year and this figure is steadily increasing. So, it is urgent to act.

Recycling is one of the solutions. The principle is to use an object that has been thrown away, to participate in the manufacture of a new product. Recycling thus partly preserves the planet’s resources and also reduces the pollution of treated waste. Not to mention that tons of waste are thrown into nature.

But how is the recycling going?

First of all, each waste must be placed in the correct bin so that it is sent to a sorting center. The waste is then selected on a conveyor belt and then sent to specialized factories for processing. Thus, with 27 plastic bottles, you can make a sweater and it takes more than a hundred cans to make a scooter.

Recycling is not the silver bullet, however. For example, only 9% of plastic is recycled in the world. So how do you recycle more?

When buying, choose materials that are best recycled, such as glass or cardboard. You can help yourself with this logo indicated on recyclable objects. But above all, you have to think before buying a product, see if you really need it and if a broken object can be repaired. Through these simple actions, we can together contribute to preserving the planet.

Also do not accumulate junk and detritus in your home or office. Rent a dumpster near me to discard unnecessary items and old junk so that it can be properly treated by waste management and recycling facilities in the state of Florida